A shift in the Gaming Mouse development?

The Best FPS Mouse for Shooting Accuracy

Gaming Mouse Guru recently spoke with a developer at a major gaming mouse manufacturer. The developer was off the record (we are friends from college) but the theme of the conversation around gaming mouse brought up a fascinating concept that honestly we had considered before he brought this to light. The developer explained, with software allowing an incredible range of DPI settings and new sensors that pick up micro fractions of movements all the best gaming mouse coming out will not have weight systems anymore.

The conversation started off with him gripping about work like everyone does but the common theme around his complaints is the initiative to make gaming mouse smaller. The reason? Everyone wants a lighter mouse now. Weight systems were used for some of the best gaming mouse for League of Legends and some the best gaming mouse for MMO to give the user customization on the feel of the mouse. Ultimately though this was just a way to let the user choose how much effort was needed to move the mouse across the screen. The heavier the mouse, the more effort is required to move your cursor across the screen. Sound familiar? With DPI/cursor sensitivity getting a huge focus over the past year you get the same effect changing our DPI settings. The less sensitive your cursor setting are, the more effort you need to move the mouse around your screen, so the weight system becomes less needed.

The developer acknowledged that there would be a small amount of users that just enjoy a heavier amount, but that is not a concern or focus. Look for the best gaming mouse for MMOs and best gaming mouse for LOL to continue with this trend and say good bye to the weight system.