Alpha Draft is Amazing

What is AlphaDraft?

AlphaDraft is a daily fantasy e-sports platform that allows users to compete and watch League of Legends in a whole new way.

What is daily fantasy?

Daily fantasy is a competition between users that has them pick a team from a player pool and awards points based on the players performance for the contest time frame. Each player possesses a set salary, and the user has to manage what they pay to keep their lineup under a salary cap. Different game types allow you to play in a broad range of competition types we have a quick guide here.

What is e-sports?

E-sports is short for electronic sports and defined as a sport that primarily uses electronics during competition. League of Legends is widely considered the most popular e-sport right now, and daily fantasy leagues are starting to take notice and include them in regular games. AlphaDraft is one of the first daily sports platforms that solely focuses only on e-sports specifically League of Legends and Counter Strike Global Offensive or CS:GO.

What Makes AlphaDraft Good?

We have tried out AlphaDraft and compared it to the big boy of daily fantasy Darftkings. AlphaDraft has some amazing features that set it apart from Draftkings and much more enjoyable to play. Draftkings has you pick a player, for example, Piglet from Team Liquid, and he is your player no matter what. If you have been paying attention to the NA LCS Piglet has been subbed for the past two weeks and didn’t play. If you had Piglet in your lineups on Draftkings, you would have scored zero points. AlphaDraft has a much better understanding of the E-Sports industry and has you pick positions instead of players. So in the circumstance above you would have picked Team Liquid’s ADC and if Fabby plays you get his points for the position and if Piglet plays the same. It makes you have to worry a lot less about substitutes for BO3 series. AlphaDraft also does an excellent job with its system of “e-sports live score.” If you click on the contest, you are participating in you get a clean interface that shows a live stream of the games and updates players stats on a consistent basis, so contestants know right where they are ranking any given time.Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 13.30.54

Sign Up Promo!

You can sign up for AlphaDraft here! Like Facebook and let us know you used our link to signup and send us your AlphaDraft screen name and we will invite you to our weekly free tournament for a full month that has $30 every week of prizes for free just because you signed up through us! Remember to use any of the links in this article to sign up and go to our Facebook page here like our page and let us know you signed up. You must make a deposit to be eligible for the weekly tournaments and not already signed up to AlphaDrafts before the promotion. Each new user will get four free entries to our weekly tournament featuring $30 in prizes each week.