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Worlds Draw LCS Winners and Losers

World’s Draw for League of Legends Results Well, its reaction time after the World’s draw for League of Legends and we take a look at the groups and decide how each of the draws went for the 6 LCS teams at worlds.   Team Solomid Team Solomid did not get aRead More

Top Lane LCS World Power Rankings

Top Lane LCS World Power Rankings

LCS World Rankings is all about NA and EU and who we feel are the strongest players at each position. We rank each player based on previous performances in the regular season, and all playoff runs giving a heavy weight to the playoffs. We also consider how we feel eachRead More

Anatomy of the Best Gaming Mouse: Grip

The Anatomy of the Best Gaming Mouse series takes an in-depth look at what makes up the best gaming mouse. This part of the series we are taking a look how the grip affects a mouse, the type of grips, and materials on the best gaming mouse to help withRead More

League of Legends Combine-like Event Announced

League of Legends has announced an NFL-like combine to all new and developing talent to be seen by currently LCS teams. The event called NA Scouting Grounds will take place in November at the NA LCS Studios in Los Angeles. League of Legends official statement is here The topRead More

Battalion 1994 Set to Release on Steam

Bulkhead Interactive just announced that it would be releasing its WWII FPS game “Battalion 1944” on Steam for early access just this week. Bulkhead Interactive just posted up an update page on their main site to announce Battalion 1944, is “Coming Soon” to PC via Steam Early Access. The first-personRead More

Fnatic CS:GO Team mix up

Fnatic CS:GO –  No one saw this coming but the new roster for probably the best team in 2016 is now- Olofmeister, Dennis, Wenton, Lekr0, Twist. You read it right JW, Flusha and Krimz all left for Godsent CS: GO and left Fnatic scrambling to fill 3/5ths of its roster.Read More

World Champions FPS Gear

In a recent interview with PCWorld 5-time champion Stephanie Harvey gave a very candid account of here set up and setting on how she plays Counter Stike; Global Offense. For the full interview, you can pick it up here Here is what we found interesting from the article- “NothingRead More

RAT Gaming Mouse series making a comeback?

Mad Catz has announced a new range of Rat Gaming Mouse promising to upgrade its entire lineup that includes RAT1, RAT4, RAT6, RAT8, RAT PRO S+ and RAT PRO X+. The lineups will all feature adjustable parts, integrative software, and Kameleon RBG technology that light enthusiasts are going to love.Read More

Dear Gaming Mouse Guru- Best Cheap Gaming Mouse

Every day our inbox is filled with questions, and we try to reply and answer promptly so keep them coming. Now and then we get a question or series of issues around the same topic that we chose to turn into a quick article this is one of those times.Read More

A shift in the Gaming Mouse development?

A shift in the Gaming Mouse development?

Gaming Mouse Guru recently spoke with a developer at a major gaming mouse manufacturer. The developer was off the record (we are friends from college) but the theme of the conversation around gaming mouse brought up a fascinating concept that honestly we had considered before he brought this to light.Read More