Battalion 1994 Set to Release on Steam

Bulkhead Interactive just announced that it would be releasing its WWII FPS game “Battalion 1944” on Steam for early access just this week.

Bulkhead Interactive just posted up an update page on their main site to announce Battalion 1944, is “Coming Soon” to PC via Steam Early Access. The first-person shooter is also slated to be available at later dates on Xbox One and PS4 with no official released dates yet. Bulkhead Interactive has stated it is trying to bring back the good ole days in the Call of Duty Series with a World War 2 deathmatch type game. A direct quote from the manufacturer “Battalion 1944 recaptures the core of classic competitive multiplayer shooters and propels World War 2 into the next generation.”

Get out your best FPS mouse and get ready this game looks incredible. Bulkhead has released a couple of previews to the game, but this one is our favorite by far.

Who doesn’t love the sound of an M1 grand shooting towards Nazis? We love the fact that it is coming to the PC first. The best FPS gaming mouse allows for a lot more customization in FPS and our opinion a much better experience than console games. We can’t wait to go back to WW2 FPS deathmatches with Battalion 1994.