Best WOW (World of Warcraft) Gaming Mouse

So at Gaming Mouse Guru we love top five lists. We love rankings, and we love giving our readers a broad variety of high-end mouses, value mouses, and different gripped mouses we did it with our Top 5 Gaming Mouses for League of Legends¬†article. With that said when we take a look at the best mouses for World of Warcraft only three stick out. In the WOW community, there is a heated debate between the Naga Epic Razorand Logitech’s G600 as to which is best for WOW gaming. The two gaming mouses give MMO players everything they need so there was no reason to look or list a mouse more expensive and well there is only one other mouse that is cheaper that can even lay a claim to be on the list, so we put it on here. Without further ado our three best MMO mouses specifically for World of Warcraft.

Before we start like always, we need to talk about what makes a great MMO gaming mouse and specifically for WOW. The most important part about the mouse is buttons, buttons, and well buttons. We do not look at just how many buttons the mouse has but the ergonomics of the buttons (layout, comfortable, and easy of use), and the customization of the buttons to fit your needs. The customization is not just necessary on a game by game basis but even a role by role basis. WOW players have multiple characters and bindings for keys will be different from a mage spell caster like a priest compared to a brute melee like a warrior or death knight. You do not want to have to go in and change button layouts, or fiddle with your add-ons to compensate for your MMO gaming mouse’s lack of options. Ok done with the ranting on to the list.

#1 Naga Razor Series-Naga Razor

Why does it top our list over the Logitech G600? The answer is purchasing options and compatibility. The Naga Razor Series allows the user to pick the mouse that best suits them. Many of us hate wireless gaming mouses, some are left handed, and some are on a budget. The Naga Razor series offers wireless, mac compatible, left handed, high end, and budget friendly options in its Razor series. All of Razor series MMO mouse have 12 side buttons, amazing DPI ranges with customization, and of course comes with Naga’s software for reporting and customization. Another big bonus (Gaming Mouse Guru does alienate anyone) is the fact the mouse and software are compatible for Mac users. Yes there are work-a-rounds with Logitech’s gaming mouses, but the simple fact is Logitech does not design for Mac and there are struggles, this is not the case with the Naga Razor. Editor’s note; The wireless Naga Razor is not compatible with Mac, only the wired Naga Razors are. The software makes customization easy and allows for multiple profiles to switch between games, roles, or whatever else you need. For our money, Naga gets the edge and is our number 1 MMO gaming mouse. It was so close however we have a panel of five experts ranking this list, and it won on a three to two vote with the main reason being compatibility with Macs. Get yours here

#2 Logitech G600-G600

So there are going to be some people who read our #1 pick and disagree I was one of them! MMO gaming almost exclusively is played on PCs by the serious gamers, and the design layout of Logitech’s G600 feels right. The G600 comes with 12 side keys and a total of 20 customizable buttons. Unlike the Razor’s side button design (all buttons are flexed in and out but only slightly) the G600 has a dramatic dual dish setup that puts six buttons into a group for two groups of side buttons. The design allows its users to identify where they are on the side keys with their thumb and appropriately click the right button no more misclicking. Along with the distinct advantage of button ease of use, Logitech’s has a couple more reporting and customization features than Naga’s does make it just a bit ahead in the software category. With no left-hand design or Mac compatibility or expert panel felt the ease of use design and software we just not enough to take the #1 spot. Get yours here

#3 Red Dragon M901M901

We want to be very clear here this is a budget mouse. We use words like value and pocket book friendly and stay away from budget and cheap because the later sounds harsh describing gaming mouses. We use “budget” to describe this mouse because honestly that would be the only reason to pick this over any other MMO mouse. Listen, we are not judging if 20-30 bucks is a problem we understand we have been there, in college I lived off of grilled cheese and spaghetti O’s, and this mouse is perfect to save some coin and get some features with it. The mouse is extremely lite and made of plastic and feels of lower quality, the DPI settings are very broad and hard to get the right feel, and the weight system never delivered a comfortable feel. The mouse does come with 18 buttons, and the software allows for five profiles, so you get necessities of an MMO mouse. The 30G acceleration and an Avago sensor are listed as a selling point on the Amazon page, but these features require extremely low DPI and sensitivity settings to keep the mouse from jumping all over the place. This mouse makes our list because we have all been tight money wise and this mouse does deliver just enough to be considered a solid budget MMO gaming mouse and will get you through questing on WOW. Get yours here