Dear Gaming Mouse Guru- Best Cheap Gaming Mouse

Every day our inbox is filled with questions, and we try to reply and answer promptly so keep them coming. Now and then we get a question or series of issues around the same topic that we chose to turn into a quick article this is one of those times.

Where can I buy a cheap gaming mouse? Is it safe to buy a mouse from Craigslist? Is it ok to buy from Ebay?

These are questions we get all the time. The theme is trying to find the best deal or trying to get the best cheap gaming mouse. We get you and understand your concern. All of our items and link point to Amazon and they do for a reason; we think from a customer service record you can’t go wrong with Amazon. We did an article on the best cheap gaming mouse here On that list, we have a gaming mouses that range from $30-$15 at the time of writing all include free shipping with Amazon prime. You have the safety that you will get what you what for the price you need through Amazon.

This write-up is not a knock on Craigslist or Ebay (I am writing this article from a coach purchased from Craigslist) this is more a shout out or recommendation for Amazon when it comes to a cheap gaming mouse purchase. It is hard to find anything of better value than the gaming mouse listed in our bargain bin write up and the protection of Amazon’s customer service make it a no-brainer.