Fnatic CS:GO Team mix up

Fnatic CS:GO –  No one saw this coming but the new roster for probably the best team in 2016 is now- Olofmeister, Dennis, Wenton, Lekr0, Twist. You read it right JW, Flusha and Krimz all left for Godsent CS: GO and left Fnatic scrambling to fill 3/5ths of its roster.

As always here at Gaming Mouse Guru we want to keep you updated on the equipment sported by each player. As always with Fnatic players, they will be branding a Steelseries mouse that will be a switch up from old gear from all three newbies. Olofmeister uses the SteelSeries Rival [Fnatic], and Dennis uses the SteelSeries Rival. While there are many reliable mouse made by Steelseries, we think the SteelSeries Rival is one of the best FPS mouse available.

It will be interesting to follow if JW, Flusha, and Krimz all still use the Stainless brand on their new team Godsent since they have yet to announce any gaming gear sponsors. We will keep track of the alway flowing situation and keep you updated.