League of Legends Combine-like Event Announced

League of Legends has announced an NFL-like combine to all new and developing talent to be seen by currently LCS teams. The event called NA Scouting Grounds will take place in November at the NA LCS Studios in Los Angeles.

League of Legends official statement is here http://www.lolesports.com/en_US/articles/2016-na-scouting-grounds. The top four players at each position on the rift that are eligible will be flown out to the studios to show off to LCS teams. Currently Team Liquid and Echo Fox are the only confirmed teams to be at the event, but we expect more on the way. It is also no surprise that Team Liquid will be there along with C9 they have the strongest developmental teams with team Liquid getting starters Dardoch, Matt, Fabbby, and Lorlou all from Team Liquid Acadamy. To be eligible, you have to have been 16 years or older, played in two or less LCS matches, and have no contract with an LCS organization currently.

From there those players will be drafted by pros and coaches where they will compete against the other teams. The players will get a crash course for a few days to work with coaches on communication, strategy, and gameplay. They will then compete against the other teams and VODs will be sent out of the matches to other international teams.

So if you have aways dreamed of being a professional LOL play in the LCS get your best gaming mouse for League of Legends hit the rift and grind to the top. In November you might just get your shot.