League of Legends Equipement Review – Team SoloMid

The League of Legends North American playoffs is heating up with semifinals taking place this week. In honor of the action, we take a look at what equipment the pros will be using in the tournament to help them win the cup. These players will be using the best mouse for league of legends, so it’s important to know which gaming mouses they are using.

g502-proteus-coreTeam Solo Mid- Team SoloMid is sponsored by Logitech but unlike Immortals who is also sponsored by Logitech TSM players use different gaming mouses from Logitech instead of just one. Bjergsen and DoubleLife both use the Logitech G502 Proteus Core just like every player from Immortals while Svenskeren, BioFrost, and Huntzer use the Logitech G303 as their preferred gaming mouse.

We did a breakdown of all the Logitech gaming mouse here http://gamingmouseguru.com/what-is-the-best-logitech-mouse/ and also our best gaming mouse for League of Legends here http://gamingmouseguru.com/the-top-5-gaming-mouses-for-league-of-legends/. Two of the top four teams in North America use Logitech’s powerful gaming mouse and software and its hard to argue with the best. We do want to warn Mac users that Logitech does pay any attention to developing or designing for the Mac platform if you are on a Mac you might look to another brand.