League of Legends Equipment Review – Splyce

The European LCS League of Legends finals is set! G2 will take on Splyce in Poland on Sunday. As always we are interested in what the professionals will use what gaming mouse and look into what equipment will be used to win or lose the EU finals.

CG_M550_RGB_K_01_heroSplyce’s primary sponsor Corsair gaming. While there is no information on any of Splyce’s Twitch accounts or the Facebook page for them we can assume they use one of two mouse as all other Corsair’s sponsors like H2k and Dignitas use the Sabre or Katar both have two side buttons that are ideal for a gaming mouse for League of Legends.

The two different mouse are very affordable and offer a broad range of DPI customization. Here at Gaming Mouse Guru its refreshing to see a final in the EU that will not have any player using a Logitech mouse. Logitech has long dominated the League of Legend niche boasting it has the best mouse for League of Legends but Corsair, Razor, and Steelseries all have great products and its nice to see them represented at the largest stage in Europe.