RAT Gaming Mouse series making a comeback?

Mad Catz has announced a new range of Rat Gaming Mouse promising to upgrade its entire lineup that includes RAT1, RAT4, RAT6, RAT8, RAT PRO S+ and RAT PRO X+. The lineups will all feature adjustable parts, integrative software, and Kameleon RBG technology that light enthusiasts are going to love.

The new lineup set to hit the shelves before Chrismas of 2016 is looking to help Mad Catz back into the gaming mouse world. The RAT gaming mouse series once considered the gaming mouse to own took hits from sensor issues. The official press release from Mad Catz at the time of writing this has ten comments on it all asking if the sensor issue has been fixed and if the sensor has been updated. We have to assume that Mad Catz has fixed the sensor issue while releasing this extensively upgraded lineup, or all will be for not.  

Once we get our hands on the updated series we will do an in-depth review until then we will have to wait and see if the RAT gaming mouse series will make a comeback. We know that Mad Catz could use a boost in revenue just last January Mad Catz had to lay off 37% of its employees. Only time with tell is the new and improved RAT gaming mouse series will save this drowning franchise.