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Anatomy of the Best Gaming Mouse: Grip

The Anatomy of the Best Gaming Mouse series takes an in-depth look at what makes up the best gaming mouse. This part of the series we are taking a look how the grip affects a mouse, the type of grips, and materials on the best gaming mouse to help withRead More

World Champions FPS Gear

In a recent interview with PCWorld 5-time champion Stephanie Harvey gave a very candid account of here set up and setting on how she plays Counter Stike; Global Offense. For the full interview, you can pick it up here Here is what we found interesting from the article- “NothingRead More

RAT Gaming Mouse series making a comeback?

Mad Catz has announced a new range of Rat Gaming Mouse promising to upgrade its entire lineup that includes RAT1, RAT4, RAT6, RAT8, RAT PRO S+ and RAT PRO X+. The lineups will all feature adjustable parts, integrative software, and Kameleon RBG technology that light enthusiasts are going to love.Read More