The Top 5 Gaming Mouses for League of Legends

Taking an in-depth look at what are currently the best gaming mouse for the game League of Legends. League of Legends or LOL is currently one the highest profile MMOBA (mass multiplayer online battle arena). We also check up on the best MMO gaming mouse in general with our Best MMO Gaming Mouse article. LOL has ascended in popularity due to its fast pace, large champion pool, colorful streamer personalities, and highly competitive professional E-sport scene. These gaming mouse suggestions are for everyone playing league Newbies to experts; these are the best gaming mouse for all playing League of Legends.

First, let’s talk criteria. We have many guides on the what makes a good overall mouse you might want to check them out here, and it’s important to remember the best mouse for anything is the one you are most comfortable with using. With that said excluded general criteria like comfort, price, and grip and went with league specific categories. We looked at three main things-

  • Customizable buttons

We look at ease of use on said buttons and overall ease of use on both side and top additional buttons. LOL has hot keys for items and spells most LOL players use the QWERDF buttons for spells, so that leaves us with items slots and movement and attack command keys. LOL does not use nearly as many side buttons as say World of Warcraft and it doesn’t have keybindings needed for spell rotations, but it needs a few still.

  • Quality and customizable DPI settings

LOL requires a lot of map watching and a lot of times quick movements all the way across the screen. Dots per Inch measures the sensitivity of a mouse and how fast you can move your cursor across your screen. Everyone’s preference is different which is why we took customization and ability to be hyper sensitive into account.

  • Price

The other two hold more weight in our grading process but Price can not be overlooked. If two gaming mouse ar performing equal or close to the same and one is $80 cheaper it will get the nod.


#1- Razer DeathAdder Chroma

Death Adder

It’s hard to argue with the professionals, and so many of them use this mouse. It’s a palm grip, but the basic design allows for most grip users to feel comfortable using this gaming mouse and there is a left handed option. DPI settings come in at 10,000 and lets users customize the mouse to fit their preference. Upgraded technology in optic sensor allows you to track heat maps, provides stats, and then allows you to tweak the setting to keep improving the overall performance of the mouse. When talking about the mouse, we must bring up Synapse Razor’s software programming. The software comes with cloud support and makes nearly every aspect of the mouse customizable all the way down to what color lights and the pattern they flash from the mouse. The basic design, incredible performance, customization, and fantastic price point has the Razer DeathAdder Chroma #1 on the list.

#2 SteelSeries Sensei Laser Gaming Mouse (Fnatic Black and White)

Fanatic MouseOn the opposite end of the money spectrum, the Fnatic Black and White by SteelSeries has everything. The features are too many to list in just a paragraph. The software that comes with the mouse is ridiculous and allows for programming and in-depth reports. This software is a waste on the casual user but if you are looking to take complete control over your mouse, add long winded macros, and teach the mouse how to adapt to your gaming style with ExactSens, FreeMove, ExactAim, and ExactLift that learn from you this is your mouse. CPI setting through the roof with toggling options to fit your style you will not be disappointed. The coupe de gras of the mouse is the processor which is a 32 bit ARM processing behemoth. With that type of power in a mouse, there is no need for software to analysis play after the fact the mouse does it on the fly and makes calculations to improve your game. For those with a larger budget or money is not a factor this mouse is a must buy.

#3- Logitech G500

Logitech 500There are some great Logitech mouse on the market, but we go with the Logitech G500s at number two on our list. We love the G502, but Logitech has discontinued it, so we went with the G500s. As for as the professional scene Sneaky of Cloud9 is the profession we are aware of using the mouse. It offers ten programmable buttons and with Logitech’s software very easy to add macros and program the way you want. The DPI setting can go as high as 8200 DPI and gives you the ability to switch between two settings with just a click of the button. The mouse also allows users to customize its weighting system. This mouse gives you everything you want and has a terrific price point in the mid range of gaming mouses. Mac users beware Logitech has long struggled to support Mac’s and I would chose a different brand if you are playing on Mac.

#4- Ozone Gaming Mouse

Used by both Giants! and Origen in the EU LCS the Ozone Gaming Mouse takes a simplistic approach, and it’s a good one. It comes with eight programmable buttons all in easy to use spots on the mouse. I am absolutely in love with the non-stick rubber material all around the mouse. The quality of the mouse feels like a $100 mouse for half the price. The mouse does have a toggle switch to move between DPI setting of 6400/3500/1800/800 which has an LED indicator to let you know which setting you are on. There two main reasons we have this mouse at #4 and our top three. The first reason is this sensor is not optic meaning there will be some surfaces that sensor doesn’t work well on, and it limits the reporting and heat maps that you get with our top choices. The second reason is more of preference but seems to be a common one. The mouse is an ambidextrous design meaning both right and left handed mouse clickers alike can use the mouse. We like hand specific mouse, and more users will tend to feel more comfortable with hand specific mouse. With that said if you are not a palm grip on your mouse then you most likely find this a more comfortable design.

#5- SteelSeries Sensei Laser Gaming Mouse

SS MouseThe ultimate value pick for gaming mouse shoppers, the Sensei Laser Gaming Mouse is perfect for those looking get bang for the dollar. The basic model of this series is the cheapest on our list and makes this list because of its value. SteelSeries uses CPI (counts per inch) but is very similar to DPI measurement, and most would argue the same measurements. CPI the Sensei Laser Gaming Mouse can be toggled 90-5670 in increments of 90 which allows for a more precise customization the other mouses. The non-stick rubber does it job but does feel a little on the cheaper side compared to the Ozone gaming mouse. The software allows you to program buttons and does just enough to get the job done. For those new to League, on a budget, or just wanting their buck to further this mouse is for you.