The Z Kickstarter to Kickstart the Gaming Mouse Industry

The Z was a Kickstarter campaign claiming to have created the most advanced gaming mouse ever. Well through watching the video and word of mouth The Z was able to smash its goal of $140,000 raising almost $600,000.

Since The Z is still on preorder and it is not expected to be ready for consumers in until late December and if you miss the preorder timeframe you will probably have to wait till 2017 we won’t spend a ton of time on the mouse.

What we will talk about is the number of backers the campaign got and the amount of money it was able to raise without it touching one major publication’s hands for review. Already there are large budgets for gaming mouses, but most resources get allocated to marketing than development. The Kickstarter campaign shows a thirst from consumers for newer more advanced hardwired in their hands to claim that have the best gaming mouse for lol or the best gaming mouse for MMO games.

Big box companies will have to take notice and make sure that the development budget reflects the current trends in the market. No more new releases like Logitech’s G Pro that just smashed two of Logitech’s fan favorites in the G300 and G500 with no new sensor, hardware, or software. We expect this Kickstarter campaign to “Kickstart” the big players in the gaming mouse industry or else they can no longer they have the best gaming mouse on the market.