Three Quick Takeaways from Week 3 NA LCS

1.) Jax is back!

It looks like Jax toplane is back in the competitive meta, more specifically teams are picking him as a counter to Irelia. Teams have tinkered trying to pick Maokai, Trundle, Vlad, and even a Shen into Irelia with little to no success in actually winning the lane without a lot of help. Week three it seems teams have finally found an answer they like for top lane Irelia, and that is Mr. Jax. Irelia was picked up in 11 games this week for the North American teams, and Jax was picked 5 of those games to lane against her. Jax was also played one other game putting him back on the radar for the first time in a while in the competitive scene. We are not sure if Jax will continue to be picked against Irelia however as only two of the five games were won by Jax’s teams. A quick look at Irelia counters¬†and Jax does seem to be the only top five champion being played on the competitive scene still. Jax can fight Irelia 1v1 if even or ahead, he has the same power spikes and items as Irelia, and can match Irelia’s split pushing ability so Jax does seem like a champion that might be continued to be preferred against Irelia.

2.) Midlane is very Important

Mid or AFK
There is a direct correlation with most teams that are struggling and midlane struggles. Take the once very proud CLG team; we highlighted that Huhi, considered one of the weakest players on CLG, might be more of a liability in this mage centric meta on our midseason predictions, and we never thought it would be this bad, but it is. Huhi has always been a very up and down player lacking stability in gameplay but now he costs his team games. In game three against NV, we counted Huhi out of position four separate times that forced him to base or lead to kills for NV and gave Team Envy advantages to push. The four teams at the bottom of the table are experiencing unreliable Midlane play and is a major contributor to why they sit at the bottom of the standings.

3.) Jungle is just as Important-


Teams at the top of the table are not only getting consistently good play out of midlaners but just as important good play from their junglers. How important is the role of Jungle? Just take a look at Team Liquid week one they seemed to be destined to duke it out in the relegation tournament with Moon as a replacement jungler for the suspended Dardoch going 0-2. Week two Team Liquid looked a little better with Dardoch returning but obviously a little rusty finishing 1-1. Now with Dardoch in full swing (playing Olaf horrible pun we know) they finished week three 2-0, and that was with Fabbbyyy replacing former world champion Piglet at ADC for the week.