Top Lane LCS World Power Rankings

LCS World Rankings is all about NA and EU and who we feel are the strongest players at each position. We rank each player based on previous performances in the regular season, and all playoff runs giving a heavy weight to the playoffs. We also consider how we feel each player will perform at Worlds against the best talents in the world. Without further ado, we take a look at the top lane.



Player:  Impact    |    Team:  Cloud9    |    Gaming Mouse:  G302 Daedalus Prime

Impact makes the top of our list over Hauntzer for two reasons. The first reason is he doesn’t play TSM. That statement is not a dig at the best team in North America but more or less analyzing TSM’s strategy and that is let top lane fend for itself while Bjergsen and Co destroy the rest of the map and win the game. Nothing was more evident than in the C9 vs. TSM finals. Not only did Impact have huge leads, multiple kills, and was given his comfort pick Gnar but TSM seemed to be ok and not care how far behind Huntzer got to Impact why? They were winning the games no matter how big Impact got on his favorite champ. The second reason Impact makes the top of this is from his gauntlet performance. This is unfair to Huntzer but hey we can’t ignore a 6.0 KDA and 37 kills in 7 games as a top laner in high-pressure games. Impacts Champion pool is right in line with the current meta, but it will be interesting to see if the nerfs to gnar on the “Worlds Patch” will force Impact into unfamiliar champions. To learn more about Cloud 9 and Impact, click here. 



Player:  Hauntzer    |    Team:  TSM    |    Gaming Mouse:  Logitech G303 

Hauntzer might be the most skilled player on this list. TSM put him on the top lane TSM island, and that can be quite a lonely place (just ask Dyrus). While marooned on this unforgiving island Hauntzer was still able to have the best KDA of the regular season out of NA’s top lanes and during the playoffs (mostly against CLG) had respectable numbers. His champion pools give TSM tons of unique team comps, and he understands TSM strategy and plays his part perfectly. The only reason he does not sit #1 on this list is the performance Impact had against him in the finals don’t worry Hauntzer is just fine hoisting the cup above his head Impact can have his states Hauntzer will take his championship. To learn more about Hauntzer and TSM, click here. 



Player:  Expect    |    Team:  G2    |    Gaming Mouse:  Razer Mamba Tournament Edition 

How good was expect during the regular season? Well, he finished #1 in the EU amongst top lane in KDA, played ten fewer games and still finished top 5, and had the highest gold per minute of all top lane. That stat list is impressive and hard to argue with anyone saying he is the best top lane in the EU. During the Summer Split Finals Wunder was able to get a couple of solo kills onto Expect showing some holes in his game but Expect returned the favor. He would be higher on this list if he had more dominate finals games and if there still is not a slightly sour taste from MSI performances. To learn more about Expect and G2, click here. 



Player:  Wunder    |    Team:  Splyce    |    Gaming Mouse:  SABRE RGB 8200 

Wunder really could have been in the top spot, but it was Wunder’s playoff performances that sealed his fate. While there are games that Wunder can take over and carry Splyce to victory, there are just as many games where is a liability. Of all the top laners for both EU and NA, wonder had the lowest KDA during playoffs and gauntlet run. The talent is there for Wunder though as Wunder led all EU top laners in kills and kill participation during the regular season. The minute Wunder and Splyce for that matter can learn how to keep his deaths down he will jump to the top of these lists. To learn more about Wunder and Splyce, click here. 



Player: Odoamne    |    Team: H2K    |    Gaming Mouse: M65 RGB 

Odoamne is the ultimate team player. Looking at his stats one of the most notable is his assist and lack of dying. Odoamne does what H2K needs, and that leads to the highest kill participation in the EU for top laners and one of the best KDAs throughout the playoffs and regular season. He is not flashy and will very rarely seem him on a carry, but that’s just fine with H2K. Him being 5th on the list is less about his ability and more about the players above him and also the play style he has adopted for his team. To learn more about Odoamne and H2K, click here. 



Player:  Darshan    |    Team:  CLG    |    Gaming Mouse:  Razer Deathadder Chroma 

There is not much else to say other than Darshan had a very anemic summer and playoffs. One of the primary reasons that CLG struggled early in the split was because of Darshan and he never found his place in this split. He was bottom three among top laners in the regular seasons with KDA, Deaths, and finished dead last in team kills participation. Darshan got a little better in the Summer Split Tournament but still had the lowest gold per minute and least cs per minute amongst top laners. He will have to be much better at Worlds for CLG to have a chance at repeating their MSI success.


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