World Champions FPS Gear

In a recent interview with PCWorld 5-time champion Stephanie Harvey gave a very candid account of here set up and setting on how she plays Counter Stike; Global Offense. For the full interview, you can pick it up here

Here is what we found interesting from the article-

“Nothing gets as close to a gamer as the mouse, and for that Harvey uses a Razer DeathAdder. Though mice are often marketed on insane DPI rates—up 10,000 DPI in some cases—Harvey uses the DeathAdder at a fairly low 400 DPI setting. She said for her, it’s about the mouse not losing track or skipping.

That means, believe or not, the necessity of a good mouse pad. Harvey uses a SteelSeries QcK+.  Her current favorite keyboard is a Corsair K65RGB, which is the same one I favor—so I must be good, right?”

Interestingly enough League of Legend players are not as lucky as Harvey to mix and match brands like she can because they are sponsored and have to stay within the sponsors brand. There are a lot of professional CS: GO players that use the Razor Deathadder Chroma and claim that it is the best FPS mouse on the market.