Worlds Draw LCS Winners and Losers

World’s Draw for League of Legends Results

Well, its reaction time after the World’s draw for League of Legends and we take a look at the groups and decide how each of the draws went for the 6 LCS teams at worlds.


Team Solomid

Team Solomid did not get a European team draw from pot 2 and also missed out on getting the LMS team in pot 2. TSM still had hope in pot 3 to pick up one of the wildcard teams but drew the absolute worse team to get out of Pot 3 in Splyce. The only shining light is that SKT1 did land in this group but considering it TSM will be against LPL, LCK, and EU teams all in one group this probably the worse possible draw for them.

Verdict- Big Loser


Counterlogic Gaming

Initial reaction on Twitter and the Worlds show was that CLG got the group of death. Yes, they get probably the worse draw in Koo Tigers from pot one, but they avoided getting a Chinese or even LMS team. G2 is no slouch, but any of the LPL teams would have been much worse for CLG. Add to the good luck they land the perceived weakest and most inexperienced team in Albus and the race for second is on between CLG and G2 overall for the position they were in CLG have to be pretty happy with the draw.

Verdict- Slight Winner



Oh boy it’s hard to draw it up any worse for C9. They get one team from all three of the top leagues. Not only that but they SKT1 a bullet everyone wanted to avoid. C9 do not have a single opponent in this group they will be the favorites against and getting out of this group would be a monster achievement. To quote Dumb and Dumber, C9’s mantra has to be “so your saying there is a chance.”

Verdict- Big Big Big Loser


G2 Esports

Well they did themselves no favors, by performing poorly at MSI and putting themselves in pot two but it could have been worse. KOO Tigers is not a good draw but considering they dodged the LPL teams and picked up CLG the team with the least momentum from NA pot two probably doesn’t have a better scenario for them. Add that they get a wild card team to round it up we will say it again looks like its CLG vs. G2 for second place.

Verdict- Winner



They could not have been happier about this draw. I am not sure if you set the pots in front of H2K they would have picked it any different. EDG might be the best team in the tournament but because they got a Korean team from pot one that opened the door up for probably the weakest team in pot two AHQ to be drawn with H2K. Round the group off with a wildcard team and what we thought might be the weakest team from EU and NA all the sudden look happy to make it out of groups.

Verdict Biggest Winner on the Night



Whats to say about this draw. It just couldn’t get worse for Splyce who will get the baptism by fire in their first Worlds experience. TSM might not be the strong team from pot one but it opens up the door for both and LCK and LPL team in pot two, and that is what happened. Almost everyone will pick Splyce to finish fourth in the group and anything but last would be a huge accomplishment.

Verdict- Biggest Losers on the Night