WTF Just Happened; Week 1 NA LCS

ANNNNNDDDDDD deep breath. It has been three days after the first week’s action wrapped up and we still are watching and analyzing the games. We are closer to week 2 of the North American Summer Split than week 1, and we still are digging through the footage. What’s the biggest takeaway from Week 1? There are a lot more games, and they happen to be in only 2 and a half days. So if your head is spinning here is out top 5 breakdowns of the jammed packed action weekend.

1.) There are some surprising 2-0 teams

For the most part, we expected TSM to be able to handle CLG, who had little time to prep on the new mage patch since they competed at MSI and went deep into the tournament there. Immortals 2-0 start was expected even though Cloud9 gave them all they could handle. The surprising 2-0 teams are Apex and Team Envy. Both are newcomers to the split and were very impressive in Week 1. We felt like Apex’s performances were more impressive, but both are jubilant at 2-0. Apex’s first game was against CLG and NRG. Against CLG in their wins, Apex was able to exploit the top and mid lane with Ray on Fizz and Keane on Swain and Zilean. Against NRG it was the bot lane of Xpecial and Apollo that were the real MVP’s with a combined KDA of 19.33 for the series.

2.) There are some surprising 0-2 teams

Pheonix1 going 0-2 is not surprising. The team was assembled very late in the midseason and well they are new to the scene. Team Liquid, NRG, and CLG going 0-2 well that eye opening. Team Liquid have an excuse and some gameplay to feel good about. They just suspended Dardoch only two weeks before play started and hadn’t had the time to synergize and work with Moon and it showed in a lot of plays especially when it came to Moon’s Kindred ults. CLG going 0-2 is surprising, but again there was a lot talk about how little time they had to scrimmage and work with the new mage updates since MSI was on the previous patch. There still has to be some concern about Huhi and Lorlou’s play. Huhi was always very inconsistent and now with more focus on mid with the patch he has to be better. Lorlou was caught way too many times facechecking, diving back in with little health and mana, and just bad positioning. The biggest surprise out of the group of 0-2 players has to be NRG. No one had them finishing top three, but when you look at who they played week 1 Team Envy and Apex, fans had every right to think NRG would be 2-0. Instead in the games that they lost, they were dominated and outclassed something you don’t want to have done to you by Apex and Envy.

3.) New Format-

It is the first time the new best of three format was rolled out in North America League of Legends, and there are a couple takeaways.
A.) It’s a lot of games-

There were so many games played and in such a small window of time it mad it hard to watch every bit of action and its impossible seeing everything live. This format reminds us more of the larger professional sports leagues NFL, NBA, Premier League, you won’t get to watch all the games live but there is a lot of action to see and catch up on.
B.) There still can be upsets-

We thought there would be less chance for upsets, but we still saw a good amount even with a team having to win two games to get the series win.
C.) This is awesome for fans-

You are getting more League of Legends games of your favorite team, games are lasting all weekend long, and VODs allow you to catch up on the missing action.